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Unisoft education since it's inception on 14th September 2000 ventured in certification lead IT training.  Based out of Nagpur, during the initial years we were known as HAT sellers (only of RED color) and a misplaced high end IT training institute. Local people found us ahead of times and out of world.

In last 12 years we have produced more than 12000 highly successful IT professionals working with best known IT companies across the globe. These success stories includes under-graduate, discontinue education to talented young engineering students. In last 12 years we participated in numerous high-lows and we took every stride as an active participant. We have contributed as a responsible industry player and helped candidates in carving out successful career irrespective of industry turbulence. 

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Mrghrndra R kalsarpe's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft technologies is the best IT training center teaching faculty is good. "
Ankit aloni's Testimonial Photo " superb experiance awesome faculty come and gain experiance !!!! "
Ajinkya gahukar's Testimonial Photo " it was wonderful experience learning at unisoft technologies this is the best place to learn SQL and thanks to saurabh sir He is the best teacher for Data base also thanks to Asha mam for guide properly "
Swapnil nawale's Testimonial Photo " Good teaching by Mr.saurabh joshi sir for sql ,is best teacher in nagpur for sql.I am having good experience in unisoftnagpur. good counsiling by vallery seth, savita akolkar. "
Akshay Alone's Testimonial Photo " It was a great experince i learnd each and every thing about SQL that only because of Saurabh joshi sir he is best teacher in nagpur for database related cources also thanks Savita mam to suggest me to enroll for SQL also enviroment in unisoft technologies is very friendly teaching staff is very supportive and clear every doute . Unisoft Technologies is Best IT institute in Nagpur. "
Rucha D. Borkar's Testimonial Photo " I have completed the course of SQL from unisoft technologies, under the guidance of Mr. Saurabh Joshi. The faculty here is excellent. My counseller, Asha Mam gave me a good guidance and clarified my doubts about the course of DBA. I had a very good learning experience here, and would suggest to my friends as well to join here for the courses. "
Rahul Harit's Testimonial Photo " Well About studies and instructors , it was quite good and the atmosphere of knowing the thing , i like the most.But the classes was hectic. "
Madan Nanda's Testimonial Photo " It has been a great experience to do course in Unisoft we really got to know many things about networking constructors and admin staff Sir very supportive the environment was very good I will looking forward to come to Unisoft in future thanks "
DINESH's Testimonial Photo " It was a good experience to undergo such a course. My skills has been enhanced a lot. Instructor behavior is above par and very enthusiastic for any student. "
Avkash kumar's Testimonial Photo " This is a very well organised Training Institute all instructor are very friendly and course material is useful and easy to understand environment is so nice but some improvement needed in classroom that is AC.My Instructors Mr Shubham sir and Mr. Vikas sir are good. "
Saurabh's Testimonial Photo " Really a good experience with the Unisoft Technologies, the faculties are quite good I have learnt a lot for what I came here. Interaction with faculty is good specially Mr Shubham Sir and Mr Vikas Sir is good and the topic covered is clear but the systems should be provided more to carry out more practicals "
Sanjeev 's Testimonial Photo " Course conducted at Unisoft Technologies is really fruitful and important for knowledge purpose. course is covered as per syllabus provided hardware and software provided is also as per syllabus way of behaviour of instructor Mr. Shubham sir and Mr. Vikas sir is really nice and way of teaching is also very well and all our course is very nice "
Lokesh kumar's Testimonial Photo " Environment of Institute was healthy and course was conducted as per scheduled plan. Theory covering was good and practical session were quite beneficiary.My Instructor Mr. Shubham sir is friendly and his way of teaching is very good. "
Gaurav joshi's Testimonial Photo " My point of view regarding about course is very useful and materials of course and practical is conceptual for future reference course is better. Instructor behaviour is very well knowledgeable implementation in nice and conceptual. "
Ramesh's Testimonial Photo " Course conducted is jesper syllabus and fruitful for knowledge purpose. Behavior of instructor was good and teaching is very nice. "
Amit Kumar's Testimonial Photo " Nice course and material provided to us is very useful demo provided to us is very good instructor are highly knowledgeable and covered the whole syllabus. "
S PANWAR's Testimonial Photo " Training is fruitful and material provided is updated and relevant. Instructors are knowledgeable and highly-able and cleared maximum doubts and covered the whole syllabus. "
Umesh Kumar Singh's Testimonial Photo " It is very good Institute infrastructure in the class room is adequate lecturer delivered instructions are very clear software and demo provided in classes also good. "
Chandan singh's Testimonial Photo " Course conducted at Unisoft Technologies was very useful. Knowledge of instructor are quite good. Overall course was fruitful and everybody gained something from the course. "
Brijesh kumar's Testimonial Photo " Course conducted by Unisoft was very knowledgeable and fruitful instructer are having Deep knowledge of System of networking and Hardware behaviour of instructor was good.Sufficient infrastructure available to conduct demo theory and practical classes and Unisoft admin Support was extended very good. "
Vinod Kumar Singh's Testimonial Photo " Environment at Unisoft Technologies is very good. Our desired course covered with full enthusiasm by the institute. Both the instructors of our course are well skilled and the posses very good knowledge and delivery skills. The admin support of the institute is appreciable. "
Lakhan Lal's Testimonial Photo " Nice course at Unisoft Technologies Environment and staff behavior is very good hardware and software support and training is as per syllabus. "
Devendra Kumar Yadav's Testimonial Photo " Course is fruitful, Material provided is updated and relevant. Instructors are knowledgeable and highlable and cleared maximum doubts and covered the whole syllabus of course "
Devendra Singh Negi's Testimonial Photo " It is a very good course conducted by Unisoft has a very trained and professional staff all are very supportive but infrastructure for practical is substantially not enough and should be available to maximum capacity. I thank all the staff for the help and support and wish success in future. "
Ranveer singh's Testimonial Photo " Regarding about the course I observe the knowledge of course and practical is very useful for future reference. Instructors are very good and maximum doubt cleared by instructors. "
Jarle Farstad's Testimonial Photo " Excellent courses, labs and very patient teachers who explains what you do not understand and shows you examples and walks you through the labs. Recommend! Vallery and Ashwini were very helpful. "
Priya Pandey's Testimonial Photo " I have completed java Programming SE 7 Training and my faculty was Ms. Leena Khwashi and she taught really good.It was overall good Experience and friendly Environment.Administration department is good Ms. Asha Pandit mam and Ms. Vallery seth Mam coordinated really well and guided me good. "
Dharmendra Patle's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft technologies is the excellent institute in Nagpur.. Great institute to improve your knowledge...good teachers with helping nature,a better environment to enhance your studies.gives more important to practical knowledge. Sanny Yadav sir a book of knowledge, a man with most powerfull motivational man,and a helping hand for their students.And thankful to Savita Mam for the guided to me for the courses. "
Anup Digambar Pawar's Testimonial Photo " It was an excellent experience that i had with Mr. Jogesh soni sir. They have given me thoroughly knowledge. Now I am satisfy with this Manual Testing course which i am learned here. Also thankful to Asha Pandit mam. Thank You! "
REEMA RACHH's Testimonial Photo " Faculty is awesome(Mr. Anushesh Sir). Admin member are very much co-operative. Good experience with teachers and way of teaching is Good......also behaviour of VALLERY MAM is too much helpfull..... "
Nikita watekar's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft Administrative staff is Cooperative and helpful. I have studied PHP from faculty Mr. Krishna Kumar Sir and he taught me very well and good.my experience @ Unnisoft was good. "
Dipali sukharam pangul's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft technology is very popular training center for its performance ,there faculty is too good in clarifying the exact concept of the languages and teach well as per the student mentality. "
Onkar Rameshji Kirpan's Testimonial Photo " Great experience while learning at unisoft technologies. Good coordination of administration team. Well experienced faculties (Mr. Vikas Chapariya & Mr. Sunny Yadav). "
Aniket madhav Dharmadhikari's Testimonial Photo " It was Excellent Experience with UniSoft technologies While Pursuing Ethical Hacking. Great Administration Team.. Great faculties*(Mr. Vikas Sir & Mr. Sunny Sir).. lots of knowledge to get. "
Pranali Bhanse's Testimonial Photo " My faculty for training of SQL database was Mr. Saurabh Joshi ,for Linux from Mr. Anushesh Bhawne and C-Lang from Ms.Supriya Gabhane mam. It was good Experience with Unisoft Technologies.Ms. Pooja Chauhan and Ms. Asha Pandit mam is very helpful and all admin members were good and guided me allot. "
Dev Patle's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft Technologies is known for the best IT training institute in Nagpur, and it is. The faculties here has tremendous knowledge...and they teaches so spendidly, specially Mr.Sunny Yadav:-). The admins and Ms savita mam here suggests the products reguarding to our qualification and guide the best career path. "
Sushant Kumar's Testimonial Photo " The learning experience is great here, faculty, Mr. Anushesh Dhawne is qualified and quite competent to teach their domains. The suggestions given by my advisor, Ms. Vallery Seth during the time of registration helped me a lot in picking the right course suitable for my time here. "
Aasawari Mate's Testimonial Photo " Excellent!!!My faculty miss leena khawshi maam is very good.she is good by heart.she teaches core java in very easy language that can easily understand. "
Aastha gupta's Testimonial Photo " it is good .i like teaching. "
Dewanand barai's Testimonial Photo " It was good Experience with Unisoft Technologies.My faculty was Mr. Vikas Sir taught me very well Hardware and Networking.My admin was Ashwini mam and Vallery mam was very helpfull. "
Amol jambhulkar's Testimonial Photo " My faculty Mr. jogesh soni.Teach me software testing is very good and explain each and every topic. My advisor Miss.pooja chauhan suggest me of this courses and this course is very helpfull for me.Each and every faculty of this is institute very helpfull.guide us to career build up. "
Vaishali Doma Patil's Testimonial Photo " I complated my PHP Language in unisoft technology. I suggest to do other languages in unisoft technology.MY faculty Mr.krisha kumar sir teach very well.He take more programing practice in class. "
Rasika satish pandilwar's Testimonial Photo " I completed my PHP class in unisoft technology.My faculty Mr. Krishna Kumar sir tech me very well.My adviser Miss.Pooja Chavhan suggest me other programing languanges to do and also suggest to do this language to other friends. "
Shubham Maliye's Testimonial Photo " I Completed my Java course from this institute.My Faculty Miss.Leena Khawashi teach me very well.I want to suggest my friends to do there IT Training from unisoft technologies.My Advicer Pooja Takshande suggest me some other courses which will help me in future .Thank you Unisoft Technologies. "
Sumit bahe's Testimonial Photo " good teaching, managment.... all doubt clearing regarding topic....... "
Nitin Ukey's Testimonial Photo " I completed my hardware class from unisoft technologies .My faculty Mr. Vikas sir taught me very well and I understood very well.My Admin Ms. Asha mam was good. "
Parag Dhande's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft is th best IT training institute in nagpur i have known. Specially Saurabh sir is best for learning Oracle DBA from as his concepts are very clear and he guides very well.The admin is very cooperative and helpful. Overall a great and knowledgeable experience.I suggest to those who want to learn DBA should definitely join unisoft. "
Neha Santosh Gurao's Testimonial Photo " my experience with unisoft is really good. Being a non technical my faculty jogesh soni helped me a lot with his experience and knowledge. and staff is very helpful. Vallery seth was my counselor she coordinate with very well regarding class timings and also other important things. "
Afifa khatoon's Testimonial Photo " my faculty for core+advance java was leena khawshi mam and I had a very good learning experience under her guidance. thank you mam! "
Manorama Rout's Testimonial Photo " Mr Jogesh Soni Sir, my faculty, his teaching was really good. The language used by him in his notes as well as in his teachings is very easy. I am non-technical student and his teaching was quite understandable for me. My counseller, Miss Asha Pandit, was really knowledgeable about the Testing course. My first confrontation was with her when I had come to Unisoft Technology. Her guidance for the course was worthwhile and very helpful. "
Raja 's Testimonial Photo " Best faculty for shaym sir,and surpriya mam. good laboratories. best consolur" asha mam". if you want best knowledge of any of th IT course this is the best place for waht ur searching. come here and solve ur quire . "
Mayur chandekar's Testimonial Photo " Admin staff here are very cooperative and also receive alerts regarding all updates. Tushar sir who taught me C language is very good teacher "
Varsha pardhi's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft Technologies is known for the best IT training institute in Nagpur, and it is. The faculties here has tremendous knowledge...and they teaches so spendidly, specially Ms. Leena khawshi mam :-). The admins and Ms savita mam here suggests the products reguarding to our qualification and guide the best career path. "
Megha atmande's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft technology is the best training center for the get start of carrier in IT industry. The admins are very supportive for giving proper suggestion and teacher staff are also best. At the time of celebrating Unisoft anniversary, I got wonderful price for lucky draw winner. "
Dipika Ingle's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft technology is the best training center for the get start of carrier in IT industry. The admins are very helpful for giving proper suggestion and teacher staff are also best. At the time of celebrating Unisoft anniversary, I got wonderful price for lucky draw winner. "
Amit Singh's Testimonial Photo " really unisoft technologies is best institute in nagpur. first is that faculty is friendly in nature thats why student always satisfy from faculty and faculty knowledge is endless. staff members are soo friendly so students feel freely in institute and talk to each other. really em saying from heart,all members and faculty are tooo good yr too gud. i will recommend to my juniors and all of them to join this institute really ek baar joinkrke dkho phr khud ke khud pta chal jayega.......!!! :) "
Abhay's Testimonial Photo " Best faculty in c-language in Tushar is c this institute. "
Ayushi Dhomne's Testimonial Photo " All admin and pooja maan are very good in guiding. Unisoft IT training center is the best training center to get knowlegde. Tushar k. sir is very good teacher to teach us and well experienced. "
Siddharth Sahasrabhojanee's Testimonial Photo " Administration is a very helpful place, in knowing what courses to do, what are the process involved in creating a software/app/etc. Tushar sir was the one to teach me the C language. Class is full of jokes and knowledge combined into forming of a great environment. Unisoft overall is a welcoming place to all of its students and well, me. "
Gayatri Rambhad's Testimonial Photo " Best IT training centre.Pooja mam and all admins are very supportive.Tushar k. sir teaches good and well experiences. "
Shaunak Nandedkar's Testimonial Photo " Administration was very helpful in giving information as to what courses would be suitable for me to apply to. Ms. Ashwini helped me a lot in retrieving information i needed. There is a lucky draw each day and i also won. Tushar sir was the faculty for C language and he made learning a fun process. Any doubt i had was clarified by him right away. Overall unisoft is a good institute to learn every course in the right way and fun way. "
Khadija siddique's Testimonial Photo " In this Institute ,I stepped firstly for enquiry regarding C classes as my friend recommeded. Queries were handled by Savita Maam .She Introduced me all the courses that I can take up in UNISOFT . I was satisfied and I joined learning C by Leena maam. It was great experience and I was satisfied. THANK YOU "
Ketaki Kasturiwale's Testimonial Photo " It is very pleasure to connect with Unisoft Technologies.I was initially guided by Savita mam,who guided me and told the importance of C language.My teacher is Ms.Leena Khwashi mam who cleared my concepts of C language.Thank You. "
AYESHA SIDDIQUE's Testimonial Photo " It was a Wonderful Experience in Unisoft Technologies.I was guided by Savita mam and Admin team was helpful.My faculty Ms. Leena Khwashi Mam taught me C Programming and she helped in clearing all my doubts. "
Shikha upadhyay's Testimonial Photo " learning c was exciting and really made me capable to do programming easily.thanks to LEENA MAAM for developing my interest in the same. all my queries related to the institute as well course details like fees,timings,notes,certification were solved by SAVITA MAAM THANK YOU "
TUSHAR 's Testimonial Photo " It was a good experience to be a part of Unisoft technologies.Sachin Sir taught with enthusiasm is best for CCNA Class. Unisoft administration members are cooperative.Both practical and theoretical knowledge was provided. "
Rohit kumar's Testimonial Photo " I attended SQL fundamental I 11g class in Unisoft Technologies This institute is running on behalf of oracle university Unisoft Technologies is very goad institute in Nagpur for learning of Database and developers . The faculty name is Saurabh sir of Unisoft Technologies is very goad in database. I am satisfied form SQL class in unisoft technologies . I am also operating C,C++ and JAVA in Unisoft Technologies . "
Akshay's Testimonial Photo " good quality of teaching and helpful admin staff . saurabh sir having great knowledge of SQL . This is the best IT training center in Nagpur :) "
AKSHAY D. DANGE's Testimonial Photo " Excellent training by saurabh sir.faculties and other staff are very helpful. Thanks to UNISOFT TECHNOLOGY..... i will suggest my friends for DBA courses and other courses that are offered by unisoft technology. You can also do certication courses from here. My adviser vallery mam ,she provide a overall detail about DBA course and also about certification. "
Chetan's Testimonial Photo " Best teache Saurabh joshi sir & cooperative admin staff Asha mam........ "
Satvik Shukla's Testimonial Photo " faculty:good teachers with excellent teaching experience. admin Ruhika:well managed,and very punctual "
Aashish's Testimonial Photo " Being in this institute,I feel gratitude for having an opportunity to be a part of Unisoft Family.Excellence and Opportunities exists in Unisoft.Practical skills have being given priorities.Whereas those high intellect faculties are highly efficient and technically skilled. The labs are well equipped with the latest software packages and full fledged network having high spieed.Quality Education is promoted thoroughly> "
Aditi Vishwakarma's Testimonial Photo " i joined here for java(core+Advance)very excellent teaching staff....very good institute.... My faculty for core java was Mr.Roshan Hood sir ...excellent knowledge delivered by him ...cleared every doubt ....friendly nature My faculty for Advance java was Mr.Vijeet Meshram sir again a excellent ,friendly sir..understood each and every concept of java SE 7 Programming. Admin staff Mrs Savita Mam was very supportive ,cordinating.... "
Shruti Amte's Testimonial Photo " Good Faculty & Admin communication... Nice Teaching Staff... I have learn here Java from Mr. Vijeet Meshram Sir, He is so cool in Nature as well as in Teaching... I had Good Co-ordination with Miss. Vallery Mam,She is so Good in Nature...:-) Taking all the Contents of Syllabus for Theory & Practicals too.... I suggest to My Frnds to join Unisoft Technologies for their Future purpose.... "
SAMRUDDHI GHUGAL 's Testimonial Photo " My experience is really optimistic regarding the teaching faculty &, admin faculty(Mrs. Savita Mam & Ms. Vallery Mam). They have been always supportive in all sort of queries.Mr. Roshan Hood & Mr. Vijeet Meshram were very co-operative every time. These were the quality courses for me.Thank you. "
Sakshi sawal's Testimonial Photo " The Training was excellent !one of the best experience ever . i learned C and core java in unisoft . The facalty Ms. Leena Khwashi is very good and Ms. Vallery mam has been very helpful "
Saloni sawal's Testimonial Photo " Teaching faculty of unisoft is very good. Miss leena khwashi mam taught very well .The staff and the admin department of the unisoft (vallery mam) is very helpful,my experience with unisoft is very nice. "
Himanshu bedre's Testimonial Photo " unisoft is best institute for software cources and teaching staff very strictly time to time class start and vallery mam ,asha mam and savita mam are very very.....best admin and all admin in unisoft institute. "
Kranti S Wadhai's Testimonial Photo " I have completed Hardware and Networking from Unisoft Technologies.My Faculty was Mr. Vikas Chapariya Sir and he taught me excellent.My Advisor was Asha Mam and other admins were helpful. "
Kaustubh Deshmukh's Testimonial Photo " Faculty : saurabh joshi is excellent,savita mam who is in admin staff given me good guidance about course and certification.unisoft is good experience to learn. I tell my friend to do their IT related tranning from unisoft technologies.It is a best IT Tranning in Nagpur "
Jayshree Khadgi's Testimonial Photo " I joined Unisoft Technologies last month for C and C++ language course and I like the way they teach here. My faculty Tushar Kottawar sir gave lots of practice examples to solve in class as well as for homework which is what you would expect when you are joining an IT course. I would like to thank Tushar Sir and Priyanka Tapre Madam and admin staff for providing me proper guidance and teaching for the C and C++ language course. "
Harshal Chopade's Testimonial Photo " Its a nice expierence for me.The whole faculty & others staff is so helpful and friendly. The institute is so nice to learn the things very easily. Also thanks to my councellor Mrs.Savita for guiding me to choose the right course at right time. Last but not the least Ms.Leena Khawsi for her teaching and support for understanding the new concepts and technology. "
Mayuri kondawar's Testimonial Photo " The best learning facility for C& C++ .My Faculty was Ms. Vrushali maam thought me very well.My experience @ Unisoft was good. "
Sushmita Das's Testimonial Photo " Enjoyed learning SQL and Java Programming SE 7.Faculties are friendly and cooperative.Mr. Akash Sharma and Ms. Leena Khwashi helped in achieving the required skills and kept motivating all the time.Their knowledge and teaching is worth appreciation.Also the academics staff Pooja maam and others are well guiders,helpful and motivating. "
DEVI SINGH's Testimonial Photo " I have pursued linux and SQL training from unisoft technologies. there are very highly quailified diverse products and they focus on each and every student in the class and after class and there admin also very co-operate and they provide guide lines related to the career options. thanks to unisoft technologies, MR.SAURABH JOSHI AND MR.ANUSHRESH BHAWNE "
Ajinkya Kholkute's Testimonial Photo " A very good institute for freshers to gain software knowledge. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this institute. I have learnt Java Programming SE 7 from Miss.Leena Khawshi Madam and Oracle SQL 11 g from Mr. Akash Sharma sir. The Teaching Faculty is very good and supporting. The Admin member Savita Madam was very helpful and supportive. "
Kaustubh Kothawale's Testimonial Photo " I studied Java SE 7 Programming at unisoft Technologies.My Faculty for Java Programming is Mr.Roshan Hood Sir.Roshan sir taught me core java very nicely and my overall experiance was very nice.Admin team coordination and Ms. Asha Mam were good.i was guided properly. "
Kartik Nande's Testimonial Photo " My Faculty was Mr.Roshan Hood Sir .He is great faculty of Unisoft Technologies,Nagpur.I studied Java SE7 Programming under his guidance .His teaching is always concept oriented.He was always there to help me out.He solved my each & every small doubt.I also thank the admin of Unisoft Technologies for their assistance towards me .Over all a nice experience... "
Ankit Bhimte's Testimonial Photo " unisoft technologies provided a good environment for skill development. the faculty was good. admin co-ordination was also good. classrooms are a bit compact and usually get heated up. overall the experience was good and got 100% satisfaction. "
Abhinav Mahajan's Testimonial Photo " I have joined c and sql. Good teaching institute in nagpur. Excellent teaching by akash sir and shyam sir. "
Ankita Karhade's Testimonial Photo " I hava completed my sql no complaint for Akash Sir Good Experience "
Pratik Raut's Testimonial Photo " I have learn lot of things from Akask Sir.I have learn lot of things from Akask Sir.Teaching of sir was awesome his nature is so friendly so i was able to ask query easily. unisoft is the best institute in nagpur for oracle. admin co-ordinator was nice they were telling the change in shedule in right time "
Tushar Gawai's Testimonial Photo " I did Java Programming SE7 Training under the guidance of faculty Ms.Leena Khawshi Madam.She Covered each and every topic in detail.Overall my Experience was very good and i learned a lot.Administration Department was helpful and Coordination and by Mrs. Savita Akolkar. "
Visha's Testimonial Photo " I would say that this institute is good for students who want to gain technical skills in PHP. I really enjoyed my class and faculty Mr. Aniket Takarkhede hired by Unisoft is good if you want to gain best of technical knowledge in PHP. and he is very enthusiastic. "
Shivani Pandhare's Testimonial Photo " I studied SQL and PHP under the guidance of Mr. Saurabh Joshi sir and Mr. Aniket Tarkarhede sir Respectively. Personal attention was given. All the material was provided. Everyone was very cooperative. "
Shruti Rahagude's Testimonial Photo " It was a pleasure being with unisoft. Really learnt alot. thank you so much leena mam and tushar sir for taking efforts n teaching me on a short notice. "
Shruti G. Amte's Testimonial Photo " Good Faculty & Admin communication... Nice Teaching Staff... Taking all the Contents of Syllabus for Theory & Practicals too.... I suggest to My Frnds to join Unisoft Technologies for their Future purpose.... "
Pooja jaiswal's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft is the best institute.faculty is also best..and Admin co-ordination is too good..best knowledge provide to us..Exam center is their ..faculty provide much more knowledge about your course. "
Vipashyna kapse's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft is good institute with knowledgeable teacher like Mr Shyam sir and Ms.leena Khwashi mam for java SE 7 Programming "
Aniruddha jagirdar's Testimonial Photo " Teaching staff and the faculty is good. Teachers are friendly. It is one of best IT training institute in nagpur. I will do my further training from this institute . "
Britesh modak's Testimonial Photo " IT was the grate experince in unisoft better as compared to other which i joined earlier in other institute here after joining skill got enviched and was industtry prepared . sachin sir taught us very well and cleaver by douts. "
Aminur Islam's Testimonial Photo " It was a great experiance to be a part of unisoft technologies. I was confused when i first come to this institute but now i confident about my goals for the career. Sachin Sawade Sir is best for CCNA Classes. Unisoft administration members are very polite and cooperative. "
Nikhil Kalbande's Testimonial Photo " My Experience in unisoft was compaved better as eaviler to other which i joined here after joining skills got enviched and industry preparved sachin sir taught us well and deaved by douts. "
Virag wasnik's Testimonial Photo " My experience at Unisoft technology was astonishing. They cleared almost all impossible topics in practical and theoretical manner. My faculty Mr. Sachin Sawade is a very ambitious and motivational person who taught us in practical way about CCNA. In Unisoft more Practicals in PC if provided would be more helpful "
Akshay Mawle's Testimonial Photo " My experience in Unisoft was best. They provided me theoretical as well as practical knowledge which will help in getting jobs in top MNC. My faculty Mr. Sachin Sawade taught me CCNA with full enthusiasm. Overall my experience was BEST in Unisoft Pvt. Ltd. "
Manjusha harde's Testimonial Photo " good teaching staff.regular classes "
Ashish singh's Testimonial Photo " The teaching of Java was very good and completed within stipulated time Period by Ms. Leena Khwashi. Unisoft Technologies has excellent professionals for teaching as well as Administrative staff. "
ADITI BOBDE's Testimonial Photo " I learnt C language from MISS LEENA KHWASHI. My experience was good.Administration Department is helpful. "
Taha Kothawala's Testimonial Photo " I learned C language at Unisoft via Miss. Leena Khwashi. My experience here was nice, the course was completed within time, with proper lab sessions. i am completely satisfied here. "
Pawan basra's Testimonial Photo " good teaching staff and excellent institute good enviorment way of teaching is simple easily understand by the students good faculty shyam nasre sir having a nice knowledge about core java..... "
Kshitij Agarkar's Testimonial Photo " Good Faculty and good Ambience I have learned C& C++ from Ms. Leena Khawshi and studying Core Java from Mr. Roshan Hood.Wide range of courses available to take up. Admin is good. "
Aditi Likhite's Testimonial Photo " My experience at Unisoft Training Centre was very enlightening and helpful. From the very first day the administration had been very supportive and gave proper guidance about the course selection. My faculty for core java was Mr. Shyam Nasare who had in depth knowledge of the subject and explained the concepts very effectively. He entertained all my doubts with proper attention. Overall the experience was very good. "
Ravina Kene's Testimonial Photo " My Experience in Unisoft Technologies is Excellent. My Faculty Mr. Shyam Nasare is good.Java Pratical and Theory sessions have been covered thoroughly.Administration department guided me good and helpfull. "
Akshaya rao's Testimonial Photo " Experience was good in Unisoft Technologies. Mr Shyam Nasare Sir is excellent and helpful.Mode of teaching was very understanding and administration was very co-cooperative as well as very well systematic. "
Sambhav chopda's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft Technologies is the best institute in field of training and Oracle Database..Special thanks to Mr. Saurabh Joshi sir for his excellent guidance and teaching.Regards to Miss Pooja Takshande for guidance in Administration Department. "
Mansi's Testimonial Photo " Excellent Coaching and Training by Saurabh Sir "
Satyam mishra's Testimonial Photo " Nice Internship Training in CCNA Networking . I have Completed and the best part is Mr. Nayan Patil Sir who is an Expert Faculty in Cisco Networking and the training has given good Knowledge.Administration Staff is good and helpfull.I enjoyed my training in "UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES" "
Siddharth Dhagat's Testimonial Photo " It was too good. My teacher Mr. Shyam Nasare Sir is too good. and admin block was very much helpful. good time and quality education. :) And I would like to go for further courses also like Oracle ,java.I will get back here soon after my further studies. "
Shreya barmase's Testimonial Photo " I have learned C&C++ and Oracle SQL.Unisoft technologies is best institute for any certification courses.Mr. Saurabh Joshi Sir is best faculty for oracle database and Administration Department is Helpful and Motivating "
Vaibhav khirade's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft Technologies is the best institute in india for IT studies Mr. Amit Ganvir sir teaches very good ..i joined unisoft for linux and Enjoyed learning linux Module I..Admin Staff is good... "
Ranjana sharma's Testimonial Photo " i have undergone the training of c,c++,sql sucessfully. it was very good i ll prefer to do other related courses in unisoft only . the faculties are experienced and its excellent experience to learn here. "
Himani R Dihiye's Testimonial Photo " I have learned SQL,C & C++ in UNISOFT..All the sessions undergone here was simply best !!I enjoyed learning here ,faculties are very coordinating & friendly in nature.I specially liked Shyam sir & Akash sir.Both were motivating me.I will miss UNISOFT.... "
Parag Meshram's Testimonial Photo " faucalty of unisoft technologies are very supportive and very experience and teaching was excellent. "
Sagar shende's Testimonial Photo " teaching is good n faculty is supportive in nature and clear all our doubts . administrator is excellent .many of the students placed in big companies due to unisoft.overall i experienced good. lina mam .thank u . unisoft "
Akshay chetule's Testimonial Photo " excellent learning experience of linux. "
Abhinav Chandrakar's Testimonial Photo " I joined UNISOFT TECHONOLOGIES just for study but now i m able to say that i "LEARNED" OCA Oracle Database Knowledge from here , Its a great pleasure to say that my faculty Mr. Saurabh Joshi sir taught me so well that i can understood each n every things which comes under OCA Oracle Database and Unisoft Administration staff is also good & helps me in every phase.A Quality teaching that i am looking forward to study further in "UNISOFT TECHONOLOGIES" to achieve my goals. Thank you UNISOfT TECHNOLOGIES & Mr. SAURABH JOSHI Sir "
Akshay Godhane's Testimonial Photo " Fantastic training institute..The best you can get in Nagpur....The best working faculty...i will recommend this institute to all under graduates or working faculty willing to learn and explore "
Sagar Shukla's Testimonial Photo " Roshan Hood sir(faculty for java) is really excellent.Also,good suggestion for this course is given by Pooja mam. "
Hemant D Mengare's Testimonial Photo " It was really nice here at unisoft technologies, Nagpur.. The way Roshan sir teaches is very good.. he takes practical examples and relates it with real world. "
Siddhant Lunge's Testimonial Photo " It was really nice to be here at Unisoft technologies, Nagpur. All the concepts regarding your course are covered here only. It will surely help you for your future. I would like to recommend this institute for those who are so really career oriented for IT sector. "
Muskan sahu's Testimonial Photo " the teaching staff of unisoft is very good.. i really like leena mam.. she is very good as well as polite.they teach us core + advanced java.. she teaches us very well.. Akash sir.. he is also a good sir.. he teach us SQL.. he is very understanding.. we are very enjoying in this institute.. this insttute is excellent.. and teachers will clear all my doubts.. and i really enjoying there company.. this institute will develope your future .. "
Anurag sonule's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft technology is a great coaching institute for studying any courses regarding to IT. Facult staff is also very good , especially faculty like pooja mam very good and also teaching staff is very good,especially suarabh joshi sir ,its helping for any kind of query. "
Darhan jain's Testimonial Photo " unisoft technology is a great coaching institute for studying any courses regarding to IT. Here faculty as well as staff is also very good , especially faculty like saurabh sir is very good. "
Padma sirisha mupparaju's Testimonial Photo " classes are good akash sir teaching is excellent admin coordination also good time to time updates also good "
Shivani jain's Testimonial Photo " "PAISA VASOLl CLASS..." study ke mamle mai plz market sabzi bhaji ke bhao ke jaise compare mat krna ya bargain bhi nai Here i liked the most is the puntuality of faculty and the follow-up of staff... i was kind of irregular student but "ASHA MAM" took lots of efforts to make me regular to the class...and she suggested me courses which are beneficial and actually are she used to make me call wenever i was even 5 min late. all staff treated me lyk there little sister... faculty "SAURABH SIR" execellent teacher he is blessed with super patience and ablility not only to teach but fix the concepts into your brain... he actually clear each and every doubt and sense by our face weather you r getting or not... "
Sanket Netke's Testimonial Photo " ccna - excellent teaching by sachin sir, have studied very basic and important things from sachin sir. and would like to join CCNP under his guidance the only thing is, i was expecting real router and switches for practical exp. linux - amit sir he is master of linux with tremendous knowledge "
Shrutayu Thakre's Testimonial Photo " Thumsup for Sachin Sir and Unisoft Technologies for CCNA course and wonderful corporation from adminstration....nice work indeed "
Jude's Testimonial Photo " a great institute to improve your knowledge...good techers with helping nature,a better enviornment to enchance your studies.gives more important to practical kowledge.sachin sir a book of knowledge, a man with most powerfull motivational man,and a helping hand for their students. "
Shonit Bagmar's Testimonial Photo " "UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES" best training institute for all the students to develop their Software skills.I would highly recommend Unisoft for everyone who wants to learn in a pragmatic way.Also, I want to thank you mam for being so friendly and down-to-earth persons.. "
Mohammad khushnoor's Testimonial Photo " unisoft is good teaching institute for CCNA learning. "
Shilpa kothre's Testimonial Photo " UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES is excellent intitute to learn oracle and provide us global certification in Nagpur. saurabh sir teach us oracle, they are well known teaching faculting from 5 years in unisoft technologies.They teach us very good and helps to clear concept of oracle DBA and also give us extra knowledge about other language . In unisoft technologies , I have learn so many things about oracle . here pratigya madam who is owner of unisoft technologies, give me chance to reattend the class of admin 1 to improving knowlege, for that thank u so much madam. "
Sneha Agrawal's Testimonial Photo " We all are born with certain gifts from God, some recognize their talent while others need a guidance to tap their hidden talent. Unisoft Technologies has exactly been the same for me. For me being from the development background, not only it has given me immense knowledge but it has changed my vision as being a Database Administrator. I have joined Unisoft Technologies for the ORACLE DBA track and got the fortune to study under faculties like Mr. Saurabh Joshi Sir and Mr. Akash Sharma Sir. As I am already having a development work experience, studying Database under them is a boon. I specially want to thank my three super awesome mentors: 1. Pratigya Mam: For the constant source of guidance and motivation which had helped me enrich my skills professionally as well as personally. Also, I want to thank you mam for being so friendly and down-to-earth person. 2. Saurabh Sir: For being so friendly, helpful and sharing his ORACLEs in-depth knowledge to the core. He teaches how to understand from the grass root level. Sir has been very prompt in answering all the queries, at times doing spoon-feeding also when I was not able to get the things and answering all the silly questions. 3. Akash Sir: For being a great source of inspiration & motivation and making my basics of SQL strong. I sincerely recommend Unisoft Technologies to any fresher/experienced to learn and get trained in Oracle. "
Sujata Mandal's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft is the place for accretion of ones knowledge and for developing a pragmatic approach towards learning,under the guidance of some of the best faculties in their domain like Saurabh sir and Akash sir I have learnt a great deal and it has helped me in enhancing my knowledge further.The friendly yet highly educational environment at Unisoft is the one thing that helped me to accustom with ease and aided in my covetous approach towards learning. I really want to thank Saurabh sir and Akash sir for bestowing upon me the proper knowledge that aided me to achieve a proper foothold in my chosen domain (Oracle DBA-OCP). I also want to thank Pratigya maam for her ever inspiring words and motivation that helped me throughout this journey.In a nutshell, Unisoft is the best place for impelling ones career choice in the right direction as well as gain a proper foothold in ones desired domain and its the best place to imbibe the extensive knowledge imparted by some of the best and experienced faculties.I would highly recommend Unisoft for everyone who wants to learn in a pragmatic way and achieve success in their chosen domain.Lastly,this one goes out for Saurabh sir, I just want to say that recently I came across a book called "The Difference between God and Larry Ellison" and honestly speaking if I had to rewrite that book using my learning experiences I would call it "The Difference between God and Saurabh Joshi". "
Siddhesh thakre's Testimonial Photo " Gabbar is back.. EVERYone had praised the UNISOFT... but their are some persons behind that ..who made the UNISOFT such a great INSITITUTE.... Priti mam...such a lovely mam..she manages the INstitute in such a professionalism way kii...professional ko bhi mam se tution leni padJai... she had treated every student as her child..lucky to have u mam.. vellary mam, shital mam, savita mam, pooja mam & sagar sir...they r the hardworking employess ever seen...they r the main Pillars of the UNisoft.... Ab aee meri baat.... toh khud ki tarif kse keru...masti khor student of UNISOFT .... If u want DEscription on me ask priti mam & pratigya mam....ahhahahahaha "
Tejas Dethe's Testimonial Photo " "UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES" best training institute for all the students to develop their Software skills and many more. There is great bonding between students and their faculty. I am learning Java here.I am thankful to be a part Unisoft.Brilliant teaching staff and highly equipped learning classroom.Thanks to Pratigya Maam,Leena Maam and Roshan Sir.Best Wishes for future . "
Amit Parkhad's Testimonial Photo " Its Almost 4yr, since I was a student of Unisoft and done my OCP ferm this institute. With the course of time, I could see the institute growing from Good to better and to Best. Good faculties, good learning support. Appreciate everyone who made their effort to bring this institution to this level.. Keep it up Guys. All the Best :) "
Kunal Purohit's Testimonial Photo " I am connected with Unisoft from year 2008. And Got CCNA certification. Recently, i had completed Oracle 11g fundamental. But due to some personal resons i could not completed DBA1 and DBA 2. How ever, faculty in unisoft are really awesomne. Specially, Akash Sharma and Saurabh Joshi for Oracle and Nayan Patil sir for CCNA. Will like to do more courses in future in order to become as an Successful IT enginner in collaboration with UNISOFT technologies. reaaly loved to be part of Unisoft. Thanks Unisoft and Pratigya Mam. "
Siddhesh thakre's Testimonial Photo " Everyone had praised the UNISOFT... but their are some persons behind that..who made the UNISOFT A great INSTITUTE.. PRiTI MAM...she manages the Institute in such a professionalism way ki...professional ..ko bhi mam se tution lena pdjai.. ... Vellary mam, shital mam, savita mam, pooja mam and sagar sir they r hardworking employees that evr seen they r pillars of the Unisoft.... Ab aee meri baat..masti khor student of UNISOFT SOFT....IF U WANT DESCRIPTION ON ME ASK Priti mam and Pratigya mam "
Shantanu Padhye's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft Tech. is a great Institute for Certifiacte Courses. Pratigya mam is very helpfull in ever possible aspect. Did CISCO certification from Unisoft Nayan Sir is very clear with his concepts and a best person to learn Network concepts aroung Nagpur Area. Thanks, Shaan "
Anand Pandhari's Testimonial Photo " Your faculty,management and teaching are good. But more than that your ambiance is excellent so one can focus in their goal. I would like to thank Atul sir, he helps me a lot on focusing on my goal. "
Gaurav 's Testimonial Photo " It was a wonderful experience learning at Unisoft technologies. Pratigya mam and the management were very helpful right from setting flexible class timings to conducting the certification exams. Nayan sir having an excellent Networking knowledge and his examples, while explaining, are very much industrial oriented. Thanks to him for giving a good understanding of Networking and Router concepts. "
Sawani 's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft Technologies is the best ever IT training institute I have seen. It is not only good for the students but also a great platform for employees. Me as a employee can rate 10/10 to Unisoft for decoram, atmosphere, career growth and everything. Thanks to the team for providing wounderful memories ever. "
Shubham bhole's Testimonial Photo " Its nice institute..... Providing a good quality education and experience .. I have a good with these institute and UniSoft u rocks "
Jaydeep chopde's Testimonial Photo " I am learning java here. The most Important thing i like here is Pratical approach towards technology which will enhance our technical skills and logical skills.Our Faculty Leena maam and Roshan sir are too supportive and knowledgeable guide. "
Ashish Gadpayle's Testimonial Photo " I was taken the right decision to join the Unisoft. Special thanks to Roshan Sir, who gives knowledge in details, helping in other areas of Java programming and always ready to help. "
Siddhesh Thakre's Testimonial Photo " Important educational establishments i had learned is that "education is not preparation for life; education is life itself..." what that i had been learn from Unisoft...& Special thanks to Ms Leena mam. She was very helpful while teaching me java .. i had asked 100 of doubts to her & i use to eat her head by asking question.. but without doing uff..she explained perfectly to me..& grateful and joyful environment for students thanks to the all the faculties also.Specialy to Shyam sir.. he is very joyful sir..and goodfrnd too And our Pratigya mam..sweet and strick..hahahahaha.. she had guided me like her small brother.. Thank you UNISOFT for treating me like a family... Bhailog SWARG matlab UNISOFT.. "
Rachita Dabbiru's Testimonial Photo " i learned java and c++ from unisoft technologies it is the best institute with best faculty who taught me both the languages in very easy way. "
Sanjay Kosale's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft Technology is a best Institute, it made the career of thousands of Students "
Akshay bhure's Testimonial Photo " The teaching and faculty are good n friendly environment in the institute.The faculty Leena mam has quite experienced and knowledgeable person with good talented in UniSoft.I will recommended UniSoft to my friends for courses.Thanks to UniSoft for such a support. "
Vaibhav D's Testimonial Photo " Initially, I was worried about getting a quality coaching for different software modules in Nagpur under one roof that to for value of money. I was relieved to find Unisoft Technologies, delivering a solution for my concern. Being a student at Unisoft Tech. I was able to get all help to develop my Software & Programming skills with the help of excellent and friendly faculty members. Its great to have admin members work for your betterment and guides you well from time to time during the your entire software training, believe me the faculty members are Globally Certified and Industry Experienced. Its great being a student at Unisoft Technologies, Dharampeth, Nagpur.. "
Nikhil Sakharwade's Testimonial Photo " UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES is one of the institute in Nagpur who make a "Great Career" In GLOBAL IT Industry. UT have Best Trainer And Course Material who make capable to Get "GLOBAL CERTIFICATION" easily. I am Thankful to UT to give a chance in TEAM. "
Anurag lokhande's Testimonial Photo " I have completed my HARDWARE n NETWORKING,C,C++ from UNISOFT Technologies and I am very much satisfied with the outcome and so now I am pursuing CORE AND ADVANCE JAVA from here only.The faculty is very friendly and well experienced.So far the best institute in Nagpur.I would recommend this institute for all professional and beginners too. "
Shantanu 's Testimonial Photo " UNISOFT TECH. is a good coaching institute in NAGPUR CITY. I did my CCNA and CCNP training. Nayan sir being the faculty is a knowledgeable guy with vast experience of Networking Technologies. I would recommend Unisoft for IT Professional training. "
Akash Gaikwad's Testimonial Photo " Best institute in nagpur. "
Hema Urade's Testimonial Photo " i am very much satisfied with faculty Mr .Amit Dalvi, and the support staff at Unisoft Nagpur. "
Vandana singh's Testimonial Photo " everything is good "
Soumya Shrivastava's Testimonial Photo " everything is good. All the faculty members and co-ordinators are helpful. "
RAMAKANT GADEPALLI's Testimonial Photo " 1. unisoft members: each and every mam and sir is interactive. everything is good. "
Shubham Thakre's Testimonial Photo " I am having Core java and Advance java classes. The teaching and faculty are good n friendly environment in institute. All means and notes are given. Gaining lot of knowledge.. Unisoft Technologies is one of the best and leading IT training center. Why to go anywhere out for certified course when its in our city Nagpur itself.The best part about Unisoft is it has got all you need under one roof. I insisted them for a particular trainer..n they provided me! ..After few days when i found my queries not getting solved..so i again insisted them to change the trainer... n they did.....I must say I found knowledgeable, friendly great trainer after that! Thanks to Unisoft Management. â?¢ â?¢ â?¢ "
Mehul Agrawal's Testimonial Photo " Best institute in nagpur. "
Jitish's Testimonial Photo " best institute in nagpur. "
Mahtab Ansari's Testimonial Photo " I am a student of UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES. I joined this Institute without enquiring anybody about it. At the end of the Course, I felt that I took a good decision by joining in it. The Course covered all the important topics of ORACLE 11g DBA. The faculty Mr.Saurabh Joshi sir has quite experienced & through knowledge on ORACLE Architecture & Background Processes. As part of the Course, he explains a topic. Then, the next day Mr.Saurabh Joshi sir explains it again briefly & shows Demo on the same topic. That way ,we benefited to understand the Course & cleared all doubts. We get entry to the Lab & obtain Lab Assistance through the day. I recommend UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES to anybody who are interested to learn ORACLE DBA & to spend time to practice. Thank you "
Nikita Jaiswal's Testimonial Photo " I am totally satisfied with the Teaching...Faculty Members are very supportive n good... "
Priyanka's Testimonial Photo " the teaching faculty of java and sql is excellent.. "
Bhushan Kawade's Testimonial Photo " The best oracle certificate institution in NAGPUR is UNISOFT technology i recently join ORACLE DBA track and JAVA developer track and it has very great experience to be here for these courses. Its like the UNIVERSITY come to our home to teach us. Th teacher staff are experts in there field gives us the knowledge according to project level of any company. THANks to UNISOFT for tremendous work to make it happen that all i want in the same roof......... "
Prashnnaki gedam's Testimonial Photo " what can i write here? if teacher is better then everything is better... Bindass mahol... frank staff.... like to learn more....:)ha ha "
VeazieSr's Testimonial Photo " Thanks a lot for the blog.Thanks Again. Great. "
Ashish Borkar's Testimonial Photo " Dear All, Best faculty for oracle and thank u Akash sir for improving my confidence.... "
Nilesh Salpekar's Testimonial Photo " I have recently joined Unisoft , Nagpur . I have satisfied to teaching faculties and supportive staff. "
BIPIN GOTEKAR's Testimonial Photo " I am totally satisfied with teaching faculty like Akash Sharma and faculty staff is very supportive. "
Akash Sharma's Testimonial Photo " I have join Unisoft Technologies Nagpur training center recently. I have join the institute for Oracle Training in OCE. My CLASS is running smoothly. And i am very much satisfied with my faculty and the support staff at Unisoft Nagpur. My all concept is now clear because of saurabh sir. Uni soft is really provides quality Oracle Training in Nagpur "
Sheetal's Testimonial Photo " I have join Unisoft Technologies Nagpur training center recently. I have join the institute for Oracle Training in OCP DBA i am very much satisfied with my faculty and the support staff at Unisoft Nagpur. Unisoft is really provides quality Training in Nagpur. " "
Sheetal 's Testimonial Photo " If you really wanna study core about programing skill, database management or networking , unisoft is dere to help you , improve your technical skill and become expert , Unisoft helped to enhance my programming skill and i did dot net training and certification ........... i have suggested to more than 20+ friends and relatives to study at unisoft , best place to be ........... call me or write "
Rajat Lakhe's Testimonial Photo " I have join Unisoft Technologies Nagpur training center recently. I have join the institute for Oracle Training in OCP DBA. My 1st module is running smoothly. And i am very much satisfied with my faculty and the support staff at Unisoft Nagpur. Unisoft is really provides quality Oracle Training in Nagpur. "
Sanket Walanj's Testimonial Photo " Best Oracle Certification and Training Center / Institute in Nagpur. I have completed Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) and Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) with good percentage. "
Suraj Ingole's Testimonial Photo " Hi I am Oracle certified OCA,OCP and OCE. And i achieved this because of only unisoft technologies Nagpur. Management is great. Management is great this i know. coz when I was doing the certification course there. I insisted them for a particular trainer..n they provided me! After few days when i found my queries not getting solved. so i again insisted them to change the trainer. n they did. I must say I found knowledgeable, friendly great trainer after that! Thanks to Unisoft Management. n thanks to Saurabh Sir (Saurabh Joshi)...for those awesome sessions..I still remember! "
Mangesh Hedaoo's Testimonial Photo " About UNISOFT I can say one thing and it is based on my experience that, for the first time I got the faculty about whom I can say that he has the knowledge of Oracle and most importantly he got teaching techniques. For those guys who do not have knowledge of Oracle and eagerly want to learn Oracle then I strongly recommends UNISOFT "
Khyati Makode's Testimonial Photo " Why to go anywhere out for certified course when its in our city Nagpur itself. The UT is the best institute for all mentioned above certified courses. Faculties are well qualified. People who are seeking for certified courses I would suggest UT, coz it is the best institute. "
Monica Behl's Testimonial Photo " Guys the best place to get really good teaching and training!!! i m student here speaking by experience Nagpur good institute for certification.....:) "
Vilas Rathod's Testimonial Photo " Hi am i Vilas Rathod,i joined Unisoft Technology because it having good faculties fr training.and its a one of the best in all for me Networking In particular and it will fulfill your knowledge................ "
Amol Chopade's Testimonial Photo " I am the student of Unisoft technology. Unisoft technologies is one of the best it training institute and global certification in Nagpur. I got great knowledge from Unisoft technology. The way they trained me was perfect to become a successful it professional. Unisoft technology is one of the few education institutes who live up to the promise of placement. Unisoft technologies provide all software & networking courses like ccna, ccnp, redhat, java, oracle, etc. It also conduct cisco, red-hat, Microsoft, oracle, java all global certification exam. Unisoft technologies won the brands academy education excellence award for best it training institute in Nagpur. "
Nikki Nikhare's Testimonial Photo " I am a student of Unisoft Technologies. Unisoft technologies is the best IT institute in Nagpur....IT teaching & practical is very good....& the teaching staff is also very good.... "
Gaurav Mangalkar's Testimonial Photo " Faculties for ORACLE(DBA) is VERY GOOD... with there teaching.. and experience... i m not satisfied with the systems.... overall all my experience till now is GOOD... "
Saurabh Joshi's Testimonial Photo " The best part about Unisoft is it has got all you need under one roof. Unisoft is WDP with Oracle University. Unisoft is the only Authorized Pearson Vue Select Center (GMAT) in Nagpur. To be honest Unisoft is pretty good with Oracle (Database + Java), Cisco and Redhat technology based courses/curriculum. "
Rajesh Dahat's Testimonial Photo " Hi...I am Rajesh Student, Unisoft. It is the place where student can bank upon... it is everything for everyone (IT) who would like to grab the best of knowledge and Experience Recently it has got the Award for Education Excellence -2012. It...Tells the Story of it. Its not an easy thing to happened.That has been its quality over the years. Its being pleasure to be the part of Unisoft Technologies. Thanks Rajesh "
Parth Jawalkar's Testimonial Photo " I m studying C++ , Java Core and Advance here in Unisoft Nagpur branch.. its been great studying here.. the best part of UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES is, u get all the info under 1 roof.. And Guidance of Pratibha mam is Simply Awsoommmee... "
Jhonny Devil's Testimonial Photo " Its really a cool environment to study in here with such a conceptual faculties..I have studied c language here and i m here for c++ coz my basic doubts and programming skills were improved here while doing c....and d practicals were really helpful .... "
Nitish Kumar's Testimonial Photo " I am studing c++ along with core java here.....experiences r gud.....pratibha mam contribution is immense....would like to continue my further studies here at unisoft. "
Bhushan Pagde's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft technologies IT training institute in Nagpur Maharashtra with # Best IT courses # Software courses # Networking certification # Professional environment # Live Experience with IT industries # Unlimited Study material # Partner with Oracle Company # Authorized SELECT PEARSON VUE examination center # Experienced Faculties # Best Oracle Institute in Nagpur # Best Cisco Institute in Nagpur # They deal with Hardware Networking, Microsoft Server 2008,Redhat Linux, OCA, OCP, Oracle DBA, CCNA, CCNP, Java, C , C++, Tally, MS Office in Nagpur. Best Computer Institute in Nagpur Thank you "
Nikhil Borkar's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft Technologies is a good institute for studying c and c++ and it is also good for any other computer related courses. It was a good experience for attending class here. Nice labs and nice facilities. Keep it up..... "
Sudarshan Dudhe's Testimonial Photo " I studied c++ yet in unisoft & its wonderful experience of mine to study in the unisoft around experienced and helping people in unisoft. Its very nice to learn the courses of your interest from the faculty, who is talented and interested in that particular course too... "
Sonal Jain's Testimonial Photo " In Unisoft technologies I have completed SQl training and felt that the faculty Mr.Saurabh Joshi is best for it according to me, apart from faculty the other staff members are also very generous.I am also learning Advance JAVA taught by Ms.Pratibha Bansod is runnig smoothly. "
Rohit Kumar Singh's Testimonial Photo " I am studying here Java and SQL. The concepts are cleared completely here and practicals have prime importance in this institute which is actually the need of industries. My teacher is Pratibha mam who has very clear concepts and knows how to use the technology practically. "
Sushant Samrit's Testimonial Photo " i am studying here from last one month ,and i feel that the teaching here is very practical . My teacher Mr. Bhushan Sir is mainly concerned to teach me more of the practical knowledge than theory. "
Hrudayraj Khanke's Testimonial Photo " I studied ORACLE Database Administration, n completed my OCP certification from Unisoft technologies. Best Experienced Faculty,Best Infrastructure. Best practicing environment. every thing is best ,best n best .Must join Unisoft Technologies for a bright future.. "
Ronit Nandwani's Testimonial Photo " I am studying here Java and SQL. The concepts are cleared completely here and practicals have prime importance in this institute which is actually the need of industries. My teacher is Pratibha maam who has very clear concepts and knows how to use the technology practically. "
Chanda Choudhary's Testimonial Photo " i m here for studying c++ ,core java & 45 days internship. academic environment is very knowledgable. practical are taken regularly by Pratibha mam which is the requirement of industries. "
Ameya Linge's Testimonial Photo " Learning Oracle Database Administration here. Experiencing a nice way of teaching from Saurabh Joshi(Oracle guru) Sir. A good feature is that it is more practical oriented rather than theorotical. Definitely recommended for learning Oracle based subjects. "
Lalit Koche's Testimonial Photo " I am learning Oracle database track since last one month. In Nagpur if you want to learn database in broader way so join unisoft technologies Nagpur. The faculty of Oracle Mr. Saurabh Joshi is very excellent, practical are made to do very strictly and regularly by him . The administrative staff is also very co-operative. "
Ninad Nimsarkar's Testimonial Photo " i m studding "Red hat linux" from last 2 month... and the teaching i get is technically and practically awesome..!!! my trainer is Mr. Amit Ganvir and he having the vast knowledge as well as clear concepts on linux..!! "
Rajat Gawali's Testimonial Photo " I m studying C++ , Java Core and Advance here in Unisoft nagpur branch.. its been great studying here.. the best part of UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES is, u get all the info under 1 roof.. nd Guidance of Pratibha mam is Simply Awsoommmee... "
Ruchi Patil's Testimonial Photo " Unisoft happen to be my first professional training place. I did BCA earlier and was looking for a professional training . I decided that MCA would 3 more years of academic labyrinthine and a professional course may take me to the league. OCP -DBA did the same for me. I am JDBA at Zeon and very soon i am joining AMDOCS pune. It was a bliss that i took bold decision of NOT doing MCA and i am sincerely thankful to team Unisoft ... "
Janki Patwardhan's Testimonial Photo " I wanted one good training on Java and visited all the creditable big names. Unisoft found to be an honest place and more important they are good listeners. Within the certification curriculum they tailor it for you and you end up with more satisfaction. My Project which was my prime concern, became handy with certification and subject knowledge. "
Mrityunjay Singh's Testimonial Photo " Lots of certifications,nice trainers,tremendous knowledge, over all i can say it is one of the best institute of Nagpur.So do come here and boost your career. "
Atmesh Sinha's Testimonial Photo " It is an sincere effort to educate people with the latest IT certifications. People get first glimpses of their long term career here. "
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