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Web 2.0 is the future of web application development. Building Rich Internet Application with PHP & AJAX training covers a variety of topics related to Web 2.0 application development, such as AJAX, JavaScript, asynchronous data interfacing, JSON, and much more.
This course includes practical application-building exercises to ensure that you go beyond theory to master the process of building rich web applications powered by PHP, AJAX and Web Services.
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to build state-of-the-art web applications utilizing the powerful features provided by the combination of the PHP language, Ajax, and Web Services.
Schedule for Building Rich Internet Application with PHP & AJAX Training Boot Camp
Course Contents Regular Track (days) Fast Track (days)
Building Rich Internet Application with PHP & AJAX 7 3
Balance Days for practice 3 1
Total Duration 10 4
Prerequisites :
Advanced programming skills in PHP development.
Building Rich Internet Application with PHP & AJAX Training
Course Contents : Building Rich Internet Application with PHP & AJAX
  1. The World of AJAX and PHP
  2. Preparing Your Working Environment
  3. JavaScript and the AJAX Client
  4. Object Oriented JavaScript
  5. Using PHP and MySQL on the Server
  6. AJAX Form Validation
  7. Debugging and Profiling AJAX Applications
  8. Advanced Patterns and Techniques
  9. AJAX Chat with jQuery
  10. AJAX Grid




I would say that this institute is good for students who want to gain technical skills in PHP. I really enjoyed my class and faculty Mr. Aniket Takarkhede hired by Unisoft is good if you want to gain best of technical knowledge in PHP. and he is very enthusiastic.
Rasika satish pandilwar

Rasika satish pandilwar

I completed my PHP class in unisoft technology.My faculty Mr. Krishna Kumar sir tech me very well.My adviser Miss.Pooja Chavhan suggest me other programing languanges to do and also suggest to do this language to other friends.
Vaishali Doma Patil

Vaishali Doma Patil

I complated my PHP Language in unisoft technology. I suggest to do other languages in unisoft technology.MY faculty Mr.krisha kumar sir teach very well.He take more programing practice in class.
nikita watekar

nikita watekar

Unisoft Administrative staff is Cooperative and helpful. I have studied PHP from faculty Mr. Krishna Kumar Sir and he taught me very well and good.my experience @ Unnisoft was good.
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