Oracle Help

1) Go to www.pearsonvue.com/oracle
  • Before The Test

  • First Time Visitors

  • Create an Account

  • Accept the Privacy Policy Acceptance

  • No, I do not know my oracle Testing ID

  • Fill up the personal,Contact,Additional Information.

2) After your account is activated - visit www.Oracle.com
  • Register

  • Create Account

  • Create your oracle account

  • Fill the form

2) Then go to certview.oracle.com
  • Sign Into Certview

  • Fill in your Oracle testing id generated from pearsonvue, put the same email used on pearsonvue

  • You can see all your exam reuslts on certview.oracle.com

1) New: CertView/Web Account Integration

2) Oracle Certification CertView - Introduction / Welcome

3) FAQ: Accessing Exam Results in CertView

4) How Do I Get Authorized on CertView?

5) FAQ: How Do I Log Into CertView?

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