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Security is one of the most important things to keep in mind when developing web applications. Unfortunately, it is also the easiest to overlook. Reviewing hundreds or thousands of lines of code may be a daunting task, but it is one that can be avoided if an application is developed with security in mind
Unisoft’s course Securing PHP Applications presents a comprehensive overview of security and has been designed to equip PHP developers with the knowledge they need to build more secure web applications
Building Security into PHP Applications training is designed for experienced PHP application developers who want to learn or be reminded of security best practices. It is also appropriate for new PHP developers who want to learn how to build security into the applications they are learning to create.
Schedule for Building Security into PHP Applications Training
Course # Course Contents Regular Track (days) Fast Track (days)
Building Security into PHP Applications Building Security into PHP Applications 5 2
Balance Days for practice 2 1
Total duration 7 3
Prerequisites :
Basic knowledge of PHP 5.
Course content
Building Security into PHP Applications
Course Contents : Building Security into PHP Applications
  1. What is Security?
  2. The Defense in Depth of Concept
  3. Security's Basic Rules
  4. Guidelines for Building Secure Web Applications
  5. Injection Attacks (SQL, XSS, Command, Remote Code)
  6. XSRF Attacks
  7. Session Security
  8. Secure File Uploads
  9. Creating Secure Configurations
  10. Password Security
  11. Sandboxes & Tarpits
  12. Security through Obscurity
  13. Security Implications for AJAX
  14. Filtering for Charsets




I would say that this institute is good for students who want to gain technical skills in PHP. I really enjoyed my class and faculty Mr. Aniket Takarkhede hired by Unisoft is good if you want to gain best of technical knowledge in PHP. and he is very enthusiastic.
Rasika satish pandilwar

Rasika satish pandilwar

I completed my PHP class in unisoft technology.My faculty Mr. Krishna Kumar sir tech me very well.My adviser Miss.Pooja Chavhan suggest me other programing languanges to do and also suggest to do this language to other friends.
Vaishali Doma Patil

Vaishali Doma Patil

I complated my PHP Language in unisoft technology. I suggest to do other languages in unisoft technology.MY faculty Mr.krisha kumar sir teach very well.He take more programing practice in class.
nikita watekar

nikita watekar

Unisoft Administrative staff is Cooperative and helpful. I have studied PHP from faculty Mr. Krishna Kumar Sir and he taught me very well and good.my experience @ Unnisoft was good.
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