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Manual Testing & 6 Automation Tools
Manual Testing:
Testing theory, SDLC, STLC, different tedtint & development models. Test planning, Test case writing.
Automation Testing: 6 Tools
1. Q.T.P (Quick Test Professional) 8.2 version
Power functionality testing tool developed by Mercury
Testing Process.
Recording / Playback.
Different Check Points.
Integration Testing.
Analyzing Result.
2. Test Director
Defect Tracking & defect reporting tool. It is possible to test the project manually & using Automation Tool.
3. Load Runner
Performance testing Tool developed by Mercury (8.0 Version). It supports ERP / CRM Web, J2EE, XML, .NET, Wireless.
It tests new or upgraded application.
Meets service level objective:
Creating / Edit Scripts.
Run Load Tests.
Analyze Load Tests.
4. Win Runner
Automation Testing Tool used to check functionality & regression testing.
Testing Process.
Record / Playback.
Different Checkpoints.
Data Driven Testing.
Programming in Test Script Language.
Batch Processing.
Integration Testing.
5. SQA Tool
Power functionality tool.
SQA Manager.
SQA Robot.
SQA Load Test.
SQA Site Check.
SQA Process.
SQA Repository.
6. Silk Test
Powerful functionality testing tool developed by Seque.
Record / Playback.
Check Points.

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