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Our Pearson Vue Authorized GMAT Exams Centers Locations :-

  1. Unisoft Technologies

    Computer Training School

    Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center for GMAT Exam at Pranananda Building, Above Khadims and Anand Bhandar, Right of Cake Links, West High Court Road,
    Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra India 440010

    +91 - 0712 - 6606353,
    +91 - 0712 - 6606355, +91 - 0712 - 6606375, +91 - 09503005060

    Opening Hours - 10:00 to 19:00

Additional Instruction for GMAT candidates at

Unisoft Technologies Nagpur

  • Please carry your original Passport with you. Passport is mandatory identification proof for GMAT exams.
  • The test facility is created for your peaceful and fair test experience .
  • Your co-operation is solicited to make it a GOOD SCORE DAY for you.
  • The test facility has other candidates testing for same or other exam at the same time so you are requested to maintain high level silence .
  • Your task is limited to your own test , do not look what other test takers are doing.
  • The Glass partition , furniture , your chair , table etc. are planned keeping in mind comfort and as per the guideline . Your extra ordinary movement , relocating monitor / pulling keyboard or mouse , or touching CPU with your legs can affect your test. Be adequately careful about the same .
  • You are requested to check and verify the pens and rough scratch pad provided to you at the end of check in process. In case you are uncomfortable with it you can seek change.
  • During the test , if the test stops for any reason ( application error, power failure , connectivity loss etc. , the TA would note the clock time and would compensate by adding lost time to the same section as per the guideline of GMAC. There may be case when you may feel/observe a time loss as Real time watch however as per the test watch there may NOT be any time lapse ( it is programmed to start from the same point where it get stopped ) . However in any case test watch recording would be taken as the final.
  • While using the Keyboard , kindly be aware of the other candidates in the room. Your pressing key hard makes a noise which could become a cause of distraction for other candidates.
  • While seating be sure that you are not making any extra ordinary movement of chair and peripherals as it can cause temporary disturbance in your test.
  • In case of any trouble, have patience as it is our job to give you adequate stipulated time for the test with peaceful environment. At times it take some time to restore system and application , kindly have patience during such time.
  • We are committed for your service and would do that to best of our abilities , we expect you to be a disciplined and mutual respecting individual.

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