Hardware and Networking - Training in Nagpur & Pune

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Hardware Maintenance
Students will learn the knowledge and skills needed to install, build, upgrade, repair, configure, troubleshoot, optimize, diagnose, and perform preventative maintenance of basic personal computer hardware and operating systems
  • Fundamentals of PC
  • Components required to assemble a PC
  • Installation of OS
  • Installation of utility software’s
  • Formatting and Partitioning the HDD & management
  • Backing Up & Restoring Data
  • Troubleshooting of PC
  • Point to be considered before buying a computer
Computer Networking
Students derive critical technical knowledge of media and topologies, protocols and standards, network implementation and network support.
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Network Topology
  • Networking Devices
  • IP Address/ Addressing & Sub-netting
  • Networking Practical
  • Basic LAN Troubleshooting


Networking Fundamentals

Welcome to the Complete Network Fundamentals Course! In this course, you will learn the technologies that keep the world as you know today connected and running.Networks are all around us and you are using one right now to access this course.Imagine for a moment, how different yo...

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Hardware Fundmentals

Course Content: Introduction to Computer Hardware System Definition of Computer Hardware System. Block Diagram of Computer System. Genration of Computer. Types of Computer....

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Shubham Virulkar

Shubham Virulkar

The faculty Shubham sir is very good as they help to solve any problem related to our course ( hardware and networking ). it is very good place for achieving ( IT ) knowledge. The admin Staff is very Co-operative
tanmay lokhande

tanmay lokhande

faculty shubham sir is very helpful,to solve our doubt and queries related to our course hardware and networking. the staff very co-operative and kind to students of our academy .
mehul nilawar

mehul nilawar

really enjoyed learning about the basics of harware and networking with shubham sir,enjoyes the practicals at class and gained a deep knowledge about my subject.
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