Unisoft India Campus Connect - Bridging Academia & Industry

onnect of Industry and academics is most highlighted in IT industry. While industry is totally dependent on skill trained manpower and academics remain focused on concept building. Given the technological dynamics, it is challenging for academic fraternity to build the concepts as well as skills. This signifies glaring need of strong Industry and academic connect in IT workforce development.

Unisoft works with 200+ academic institutions each year. The various models for campus association enable suitability for most of the campuses.

Our solution for campuses includes the following services:

A. Seminars

B. 2-3 day technical work-shops

C. 4 day Workshop cum Project mentoring

D. Certification @ campus

E. Placement support to CAMPUS connects students

To seek more details about these please write to us.

A. Seminar – These are 2-3 hours event comprising current hiring trends. Subject specific latest trends and open talk with students about the placement in the subject area.

B. 16 hours / 2day Tech Workshop – These are 2 days (16 hours) extensive probing of the specific technology area where students are given prior handout to be ready for the workshop and the end objective of the workshop is to make each participant above average knowledge holder in the subject area. The details of the 2 days workshop are available in the annexure.

C. 3 Day / 24 hours Project Mentoring @ campus – This is most unique offer where participants get detailed perspective of the domain as well as they complete the academic projects as well. The prerequisites and terms and conditions for delivering project mentoring at campus are detailed in the annexure.

D. Training & certification @ campus – It is an arrangement where Unisoft teams gets stationed at your college and provide fast track training and certification at your college premises for the students. These trainings are offered at very heavy discount than the regular training fee for the collective benefit of students of your college

E: Placement support to CAMPUS connect students – Giving national level opportunity to your students with the best known IT and non IT firms. A comprehensive CRT programme to bring the students closer to the desired jobs.

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