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Write an effective resume

Resume writing is a very important skill. It is the first view that an employer gets of you, the candidate. It has to be truthful & should present you as the best candidate to do the job. Some people send the same resume to apply for every job but this is not the best way to handle it. Every job is different so the skills that you showcase to different employers should also be different.

Resume format

If you do not have work experience, your resume must contain the following information in the order given below:
  • Name
  • Address, contact number & email ID
  • Objective
  • Education - Awards & Honours
  • Work experience (if any)
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Other accomplishments
  • Skills & aptitudes
  • Interests

For a good resume, do

  • Write only one or two pages - depending on your work experience.
  • Include any special recognition, accomplishments or projects you may have been involved with.
  • Write about yourself in a positive light.
  • Strive to be concise & target your information to that particular employer.
  • Write only short bulleted sentences & not whole paragraphs.
  • Keep it light & easy to read - leave adequate white space, set the font size to at least 10 points, highlight key points & make sure the text is well-aligned.
  • Check for spelling & grammar errors by having someone else read & review your resume before you send it off.

For a good resume, do not

  • Try to fit too much on the page (leave some blank space for relief).
  • List personal information such as marital status, religion, caste, height, weight, etc.
  • Include salary requirements (leave them out until the interview stage).
  • Make negative comments about previous employers.
  • Include any health information.
  • Include references (these can be provided upon request).
  • Include reasons for leaving a previous job (save your reasons for the interview). and soft skills

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