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Expert SQL Courses and Coaching for 1Z0-071 SQL Certification

Embark on a journey to become an Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate with Unisoft Technologies, the leading SQL training institute in Nagpur. Our comprehensive SQL course equips you with the vital SQL skills necessary for any database project. By achieving certification, you demonstrate a deep understanding of SQL and its practical application within the Oracle Database server. Gain hands-on experience with SQL queries, insert, update, delete statements, and delve into Data Definition Language and Data Control Language, optimization, tables, indexes, data modeling, and normalization. This certification is a testament to your expertise in SQL language, data modeling, and your capability to manage tables in an Oracle Database efficiently.

Our SQL course is ideal for candidates with general computing knowledge, familiarity with command line interfaces, and experience in a command line environment. Whether you're searching for SQL classes near me or SQL coaching in Nagpur, Unisoft Technologies is your go-to destination for mastering SQL.

Oracle Database SQL Certification Course in Nagpur

Unlock Your Career Potential with SQL Expertise

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the fascinating world of databases? Look no further! Our Oracle Database SQL Certification Course in Nagpur, meticulously crafted by the seasoned expert Mr. Saurabh Joshi from Unisoft Technologies, is your gateway to success.

Why Choose Our Course?

  1. Expert Guidance:
    • With over 14 years of experience, Mr. Saurabh Joshi brings unparalleled expertise to the classroom. His passion for SQL and dedication to teaching have shaped countless successful careers.
    • As a certified SQL professional himself, Mr. Joshi understands the nuances of the subject and imparts practical knowledge that goes beyond textbooks.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum:
    • Our course covers everything from SQL basics to advanced topics. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, we've got you covered.
    • Dive into SQL queries, data manipulation, and database design. Gain hands-on experience through real-world projects.
  3. Exam Preparation (1Z0-071):
    • The Oracle Database 1Z0-071 certification exam is your ticket to industry recognition. We provide targeted preparation, focusing on the exam syllabus.
    • Learn how to write efficient SQL queries, optimize performance, and manage databases effectively.
  4. Career Opportunities:
    • SQL professionals are in high demand across industries. Whether you aspire to be a database administrator, data analyst, or software developer, mastering SQL opens doors.
    • Our course includes 100% placement assistance, ensuring you're job-ready upon completion.
Prepare for Exam 1Z0-071 with our expert-led course. Test your SQL knowledge with our "SQL Preliminary Test". Enter your name and use 'unisoft' as your password to access the test.
SQL Training Classes by Certified Experts at Unisoft Technologies in Nagpur

Why Choose Unisoft for SQL Coaching in Nagpur?

  • As the premier SQL coaching centre near me, Unisoft Technologies stands out for its exceptional SQL educational training and certification preparation for the SQL exam 1Z0-071. Our track record of success is reflected in our Google Maps Reviews.
  • In collaboration with Oracle Corporation, we provide the official SQL curriculum directly from Oracle University. Our certified SQL instructors employ a hands-on approach to ensure you master SQL.
  • Unisoft Technologies not only offers SQL classes in Nagpur but also provides support for the installation of Oracle Database versions 12c to Oracle Database 23ai. While SQL is applicable across various RDBMS like MySQL, MS SQL Server, and more, our specialized focus is on Oracle Database, the industry leader and our partner.
  • Engage in practical learning with our "Day Wise SQL Course Agenda," available for download below. Our dynamic training methods and practical labs are designed to make you proficient in SQL, steering clear of exam dumps, which are not a legitimate way to achieve certification.
Comprehensive SQL Course at Unisoft Technologies - Best SQL Coaching in Nagpur

Course Content:

Examination Score Report & Certificate



Pranjali Nimje

Pranjali Nimje

Excellent experience. Saurabh sir is excellent. I got the best experience in studying notes, practical's, and projects. Everything is provided. Overall experience at Unisoft is excellent. I will definitely recommend it to others. Thank you all at Unisoft team and especially Saurabh sir for giving excellent knowledge of Oracle SQL.
Ishika Dhoble

Ishika Dhoble

I have completed my Oracle SQL certification course from Unisoft Technologies. Saurabh Joshi Sir is excellent in teaching SQL language. Sir made SQL language very easy for me to understand. As I am from a non-IT background, I thought it would be difficult for me to learn SQL language, but Sir made it possible. He explained every topic very effortlessly by giving examples. Sir made a very meaningful impact on my life. With Unisoft, it was a wonderful experience. So, I will say that in Nagpur, Unisoft Technologies is the best coaching class for SQL language. Any student who wants to learn new techniques, new languages, and wants to enter into the IT industry should give Unisoft Technologies a try. Surely, it will be a life-changing moment.
Ameya Girhe

Ameya Girhe

I’m extremely satisfied and would wholeheartedly recommend Unisoft Technologies for SQL certifications. I’ve had the privilege of learning from multiple instructors, all of whom are equally proficient. I enrolled in the Oracle 12c course, but Saurabh Joshi Sir went above and beyond by imparting additional knowledge about Oracle 18c and 19c, which proved to be immensely beneficial. Currently, I’m pursuing a Master of Data Science in Australia, and I can confidently state that without the foundational training at Unisoft, navigating through my Masters would have been challenging. With courses like Data Science, SQL, Oracle 12c, Oracle 21c, Oracle 23ai, and Data Analytics, this testimonial is not only a reflection of my personal experience but also a valuable resource for prospective students searching for quality IT education.
Kunal Maheshwari

Kunal Maheshwari

Unisoft Technologies is undoubtedly the best institute in Nagpur for anyone seeking quality IT education. The faculty is highly dedicated and specialized in their respective fields. From my personal experience, I can vouch for their excellence. I enrolled for the Oracle 12c course, and the coverage I received was perfectly aligned with industry standards. My trainer, Saurabh Joshi, was exceptionally good and a master in SQL. His expertise in the field is unquestionable, making him one of the best in the business. My mentor, Pratigya Ma’am, was always ready to listen to our concerns and provide any support or help needed. She was always there to motivate us and went out of her way to explain and sort things out in an amazing manner. Her special expertise in the technical domain is commendable. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a place to learn SQL, Oracle, or any other IT-related courses, Unisoft Technologies in Nagpur should be your top choice. I hope this helps!
Fahim Azeem Jeinulabdeen

Fahim Azeem Jeinulabdeen

Hello everyone! If you’re reading this, it means you’re considering a professional training institute for SQL, Oracle, or something related to machine learning. I was in the same situation, scrolling through reviews five months ago when I was in Sri Lanka. Yes, I’m Sri Lankan and had no idea about Unisoft. Believe it or not, that’s the truth. My friends and my brother suggested joining big, fancy (and expensive) institutes, but I didn’t. While reading reviews like you are now, I discovered that Unisoft is the best place in our part of the world (Southeast Asia) to learn Oracle. Like everyone else, I called Pratigya, who explained everything to me. Then, I came to India. Guess what? I didn’t know a single word of Hindi or Marathi, and even though people in Nagpur know English, they don’t often speak it. Finally, with the help of Google Maps, I arrived at the Unisoft building and met Pratigya in person. She arranged a PG for me to stay and introduced me to my assigned lecturer, Renu. She assured me that Renu is a very talented person who would explain a concept 100 times if needed. I was skeptical at first, but soon realized she was right. I was weak in SQL joins, and Renu patiently taught me that chapter more than three times. Within 40 days, I completed SQL (theory and practical) and started preparing for the 1Z0-071 Global Certification with Renu’s help. On February 24, 2020, I passed the Global Certification Paper with 86 marks. Now, I’m preparing for 1Z0-082 (Admin I). I don’t know about other faculties, but if you’re planning to learn SQL or Oracle, Unisoft is the best place. I’m still learning Oracle under Renu, who is an Oracle repository. She’s an excellent teacher and was there to clear my doubts while I was preparing for the paper. There’s also a lecturer named Monali Jamburkar who helped me when Renu was taking classes. She’s also very talented. I don’t want to talk about every person at Unisoft, but the environment here is learner-friendly, result-oriented, and highly professional. Before I came here, I knew I was taking a gamble with my future, but now I understand that it was worth the risk. I don’t know whether you’ll understand or not, as I came from another country to study here. I also learned that numerous students from different parts of the globe, including many NRIs and a few students from Australia and Germany, have been here in the past. It’s truly a place we can call a ‘Modern Temple of Learning High-End IT.’ Thank you very much, Unisoft. All the best to everyone.
Pratik Agrawal

Pratik Agrawal

My experience studying at Unisoft Technologies was truly wonderful. Initially, I enrolled only for the SQL course, but I was so impressed by the teaching methods and the faculty, particularly Saurabh Joshi, that I decided to take up the Java course as well, which was taught by Raina Nair. One of the unique features of Unisoft is that they offer a free demo on any topic whenever you want. This flexibility and focus on student understanding is what sets them apart. So, if you’re considering training for Oracle certifications, I would always recommend Unisoft Technologies. Their commitment to quality education and student success is unparalleled.
Rituja Uikey

Rituja Uikey

Unisoft Technologies provides an excellent education, and the learning environment is highly conducive. The teaching staff is not only professional but also supportive and friendly, creating a positive learning atmosphere. It’s a great institute for learning various software languages, including SQL, Java, C, and C++. The best part is the experienced teaching staff who enhance our skills and provide a comprehensive learning experience. If you’re looking to boost your IT skills, Unisoft Technologies is a great place to start.
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