Oracle Database: Program with PL/SQL Ed 2

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Duration:90 minutes
Number of Questions:


Passing Score:65%
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Validated Against:

This exam has been validated against Oracle Database

Format:Multiple Choice
Exam Price:Rs 9701 More on exam pricing

Course Content / Exam(s)

Schedule for Oracle Database 12c: Program with PL/SQL (Oracle Training in Nagpur, Pune And Bangalore)
Course ContentsExam #Regular Track (days)Fast Track (days)
Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL (Currently No Exam for 12c)1Z0-14440
Balance Days for arrival, exam(s) and practice5
Total duration45


Apeksha Bawankar

Apeksha Bawankar

My experience at Unisoft Technologies has been nothing short of amazing. The practical approach to learning here is truly commendable. If you’re looking to get trained in Oracle, Unisoft Technologies is the place to be. The faculty here is incredibly supportive, and their teaching methods are top-notch. The learning environment is excellent. For instance, Saurabh Sir taught us Oracle by comparing various versions of Oracle on different machines, providing clear and comprehensive knowledge. The faculty members are highly experienced and certified. They teach from their wealth of experience, which greatly enhances the learning process. The staff here, including Sushmita Ma’am and Nidhi Ma'am, are very supportive. Unisoft fosters a friendly environment where everyone strives to make you feel comfortable. The owner, Mrs. Pratigya Thakur, is an inspiring and helpful figure. She is a great personality in her own right, and there’s a lot to learn from her. She is always motivating others, which adds to the positive atmosphere. After completing my MCA, I was searching for Oracle certification and training. Unisoft proved to be the best place to get trained. I was under the guidance of Mr. Saurabh Joshi, who guided me exceptionally well and helped in solving my problems. Now, I am an OCA in Oracle 1Z0-071 with a score of 92%, all thanks to Saurabh Sir and my batch mates (Diksha, Deepraj, Swetank, Nidhi, Sayali, and Shiwani) who inspired me. It was an awesome experience learning by doing.
Tushar Kottawar

Tushar Kottawar

If you’re in a dilemma and asking any of the following questions: 1. “Is this course right for me?” 2. “I’m a recent graduate. What should I do next?” 3. “I’m a working professional and I want to change my domain. Which domain should I choose that would shape my professional career?” 4. “I’m a Non-IT graduate. I want to change my career track to IT. Which course is more beneficial?” Then, Unisoft Technologies is the place to visit for the right career guidance and to gain a deep insight into different IT technologies. Unisoft Technologies is a hub of professionally trained counselors and highly experienced faculty. I’ve been a part of Unisoft Technologies for over a year now. I started my journey with Unisoft as a C++ student and eventually learned Java and Oracle Database. Considering I’m from a Non-IT background, I was initially unsure which course to choose. I knew only about C, C++, and Java before I visited Unisoft. My counselor at the time, Sushmita Ma’am, introduced me to a whole new world that exists besides Java. Not only that, she also explained about different types of Certifications and their importance for students, especially freshers. I learned C++ under the guidance of Akshay Sir and Java under Raina Nair Ma’am. Both these faculties are the best in their respective fields. They make the subject look easy even for someone who is not from an IT background. I learned Oracle Database under the guidance of Saurabh Joshi Sir. He is the best faculty I have ever known. Highly experienced and with a vast ocean of knowledge, he is the best when it comes to teaching Oracle Database. He is my teacher, my guide, and my mentor till date. My other mentor in Unisoft is Pratigya Ma’am. She is always the one who will constantly motivate me and will keep on providing lots of knowledge about different technologies. At Unisoft, it’s not just about giving our best, it’s about bringing out the best in students. We are located in Nagpur. Our excellent counselors include Sushmita Ma’am, Nidhi Ma’am, Siddhi Ma’am, Bhagyashri Ma’am, Soniya Ma’am and Satish Sir. Each and every one of them will guide you correctly. I would recommend Unisoft to all the students, fresher graduates, job seekers as well as working professionals who are looking to change their domain or are looking to enhance their skillset.
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