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It is difficult to have a good start and when it comes to "Job Serach" majority of aspirants get it wrong . The absence of foresight in the beginning lead to many wrongs and with many wrongs career plan go hay -wire.
In todays's time, Career making is more about strategy than anything else . People with less of academic excellence get at the higher echelon ,while people who get multiple certification and are from good academic backgroud still fail to get even an average job.
At unisoft we train people to be ready for the industry in all the circumtances be it the best of time or bad time of the industry .
Career Consultant at Unisoft give most importance to S, for most of people it is Struggle but at unisoft the S is meant for Strategy. Strategy to get placed is easier said then delivered on ground.
We suggest our candidates to follow these steps:
1. Check out "Aspire jobs"
2. Analyze people who are placed at the aspired jobs
3. Do the Gap analysis
4. Build a feasible plan to cover gaps, divide gaps coverage in years and months
5. Get to gap coverage
6, Start appearing / applying for a one level lower jobs
7. Start understanding of industry and it's people
8. Once done with Gap coverage ( degree, certification etc.) start applying your level of jobs
9. First few failure means you are getting closure to first Success.
10. Be in first job for minimum period of one year and then start looking for next level job..
KEEP SKILL UPGRADATION AS A REGULAR HABBIT and keep walking to the next level..........

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