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Networking and Infrastructure Management Programs
An array of industry-endorsed training programs for students pursuing their Diploma/Graduation from any discipline in the Networking & the Infrastructure Management space.
The courses, delivered through hi-tech networking labs, online classrooms, provide learning on Advanced Networking Technologies, Infrastructure Management, Business Desktop Deployment, Wide Area Networking (WAN), Operating System Deployment and Support. The courses are mapped to certification from Cisco and Microsoft.
ADHNT & ADNSM – Networking and Infrastructure Management Programs
Infrastructure Management Services refer to the day-to-day of the IT infrastructure-Hardware, Networking, Server needs of any organization. With organizations offering end-to-end IT services to domestic and international clients, managing IT infrastructure has become critical for businesses and enterprises.
According to Nasscom, the global IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) market is estimated to be between $86bn and $150bn. Also, IMS exports from India are expected to grow at 50% over the next 3-5 years, contributing close to 20% of the total IT revenues. Rapid growth and massive spends on IT enablement in the BFSI, Service, Telecommunication has lead to these industries to focus on core business and outsourcing their IT services rather than maintaining them in-house. As a result, the job opportunities in the Networking and IT Infrastructure Management are huge and multifold.
As per an IDC survey, 3,75,000 Networking jobs will be created by 2012, which will create a shortfall of around 1,00,000 skilled professionals in this domain. Thus, there will be a huge shortfall of skilled professionals in this domain. To cater to this huge gap, These courses present an opportunity for students through its new industry-endorsed curriculum in Networking and Infrastructure Management. The course focuses on skills beyond networking, thus, making the students ready for the fastest growing domain of IT services.
Beside enriching students with the industry ready skills these courses come with degree and diploma advantage.
Unisoft in association with MDU Rohtak and PTU Jalandhar offer following Degree/Diploma Courses:
A) MCA with Job Guarantee B) BCA with Job Guarantee
These are the courses where a candidate can study for 2hours/day or take a weekend batch. These courses have optional array of latest IT certifications along with campus recruitment training.
Write to us at unisoftngp@gmail.com to get further details about these courses.

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